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Installation and Commissioning


After the installation is completed, a Quality Control procedure kicks into play.

This procedure includes:

• Certificate of Compliance
• Thermal Imaging on entire Installation
• Visual Checks of all installed components
• Control document to be signed off by the installer



The site and Resource Assessment

This is a very important step into understanding your Solar needs, as well as understanding the environment to where the installation will take place.

Here we talk about and discuss the various options available in the market, what will be applicable and best practice to you.


Load Analysis

It is recommended to conduct a Load analysis of your household. A good practice is to conduct the study over a period of seven days (One week).

This will enable us to know your:

  • Daily Consumption – kWh
  • Peak Power loads – kWh

Solar Design

From the load analysis data, we can design the solar solution:

  • PV Panels
  • Inverter/s
  • Storage
  • Cabling
  • Protection

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